Lean Six Sigma

Innovation in care

Lean Six Sigma is a proven continuous improvement methodology that organisations embrace to create and sustain a more efficient, cost effective and quality driven workforce. From an operational perspective, Lean Six Sigma’s value proposition is to improve quality through waste reduction and increasing value from the customer’s perspective.

Lean Certification Ladder:

Lean Courses

Our popular two day Lean Healthcare Professional program aims to:

  • Introduce you to the core tools and methods of Lean
  • Show you how to identify and eliminate waste sustainably
  • Identify how Lean can be applied within your healthcare organisation

To become certified as a Lean Healthcare Professional by Vative Healthcare, you will:

  • Attend the two day program
  • Complete a Value Stream Map and Waste Poster during the two days
  • Complete an online exam with a pass rate of at least 75%

We also offer customised programs for healthcare services seeking to improve their systems and processes to achieve a more efficient, person-centered practice and wellness models.