Impact Leadership

A great leader can effectively cope with change, handle difficult social situations, be a role model for colleagues, support others and take initiative. It is essential for leaders to possess the right characteristics to maintain a continuous improvement culture. We offer programs for healthcare services that wish to achieve better patient outcomes through the contribution of effective organisational leaders.

This program is specifically designed, through Industry Consultation, for leaders in middle management. By addressing the issues and giving this group options to manage not only their own teams but the expectations of the organisation, we are building a strong core for the future of our health care sector.

We work with organisations to examine relevant issues that can be improved through effective leadership to ensure they are worthwhile for return on investment of time and costs. Our sessions can focus on management culture, change management, and staff engagement to name a few.

Make your impact! We cover topics including:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality Profiling
  • Legacy
  • Perspective Thinking
  • Understanding our challenges
  • Leadership Tools
  • and more!