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Lean Methodology and Practices

No other industry places as high priority on quality of service as healthcare. In this context, organisations and professionals are exploring innovative approaches and process improvement to reduce preventable errors, improve care and safety and reduce costs. Increasingly organisations are implementing Lean methodology and practices pioneered by Toyota, in the manufacturing of cars.

Empower People

Although most of you reading this will not be in the business of making cars, it’s the small behavioural changes that Toyota made a reality with its workforce that made the real impact. Lean is ‘done with’ employees, Lean is not ‘done to’ people. As leaders of any transformational change, we have the opportunity to engage with our people and approach existing practices with an open mind to problem-solving and continuous improvement. Applied consistently Lean behaviour and support from top leadership empowers people to promote positive change and sends a strong message.

Through A New Lens

Our experience at Vative Healthcare has delivered many hundreds of process improvement projects using Lean thinking and methodology across sectors including acute, aged care, the disability community, and all levels of the business. We believe developing people skills and knowledge and creating a culture of being open to the ‘why’ we do what we do, enables teams to see their work differently and through a new lens

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