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Our organisation started with two nurses that had a vision to change the way care was delivered.  They were driven with a desire to make a real difference to the healthcare industry.  Their experience working across many different healthcare settings showed the same gaps in education and minimal career pathway opportunities.
They wanted to revolutionise the way in which care was delivered, to inspire people, support them, to impact carers and nurses to make positive changes in their life and in their job. Ultimately to improve client centred care delivery.

Y Learning & Development is where it started. From here the company expanded and saw the introduction of Lean methodology.  Vative Healthcare began teaching LEAN across the Healthcare industry.  Lean enabled them to teach carers and nurses how to find the time in their daily tasks to give back to those they care for, and to continue to seek ways to improve, reduce wastes and much more.

Now Vative Healthcare together with Nursing Academy are a leading healthcare consultancy & registered training organisation (TOID22175) of choice.  We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality, expert training and coaching.  We have a team of highly skilled educators that have extensive healthcare qualifications and a shared passion to make a difference.

We offer the required advanced skills and knowledge to work within todays demanding Healthcare and community environment.  We understand the ever-changing challengers that healthcare workers face. Our programs continue to evolve with these changes and equip our students with the proficiencies required to excel in their role and make that difference when delivering care to their clients.


For every person we engage with to have a breakthrough experience that changes them and/or their organisation for the better.


Service, Innovation, and Excellence


Inspiring people, organisations & community to continuously improve

We Can Support You

We will support your organisation to reach its highest potential. Our services will deliver you knowledgeable staff creating a stronger skills mix across all departments within your organisation.  Resilient staff you can rely on. Staff that your organisation can trust and have faith that during challenging situations they will prevail. Motivated staff that will have the skills to focus on driving positive change in your organisation. We will engage, educate, empower and enable your staff the opportunity to excel in their field.

Vative Healthcare is our core business continuous improvement arm.  The programs offered under Vative Healthcare have the following key components:

Nursing Academy facilitates our clinical courses. The courses offered are for students wanting to master their clinical skills. The outcomes of these courses are to:

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