Short Courses

Specialised Education


Clinical Short Courses

Nursing Academy offers the below list of 2-4 hr Short Courses, run as intensive programs that are highly interactive, for you to increase your knowledge in a specialized area. Click below to see what is currently available.

PEG Feeding

An introduction for support workers and aged care workers in the management and care of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies and other enteral feeding including care of the site and preparation and delivery of nutrition.

Bowel Care

Many clients in aged, community and disability care have bowel care needs including stomas, ileostomies and wounds.  This course provides knowledge and skills on all parts of the bowel, bowel terminology, faecal incontinence, incontinence aids and features and assisting with skin care.  

Urinary Care and Management

This course is designed to improve your understanding of the Urinary System, urinary devices, monitoring and care management allowing you to provide more specialist care support to your clients.  


Managing a client’s epilepsy effectively and appropriately requires knowledge of what epilepsy is, how to manage warning signs, seizures and post seizure client management. Supporting and understanding the impacts of epilepsy on individuals.  Understanding and managing Epilepsy management plans.  

Palliative Care

Looking after a dying client requires extra skills.  This course provides a detailed understanding of the palliative care approach, advanced care planning, end of life, and the need and benefit of multidisciplinary team.  The course also explores cultural beliefs, supporting yourself, and managing grief.  

Pressure area care and Skin Integrity

Ensuring your client maintains a good skin integrity is a fundamental skill when caring for others. This short course looks at the physiology of skin, causes of skin damage such as pressure friction, and tears and care management techniques.

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