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Specialised Education

Providing Nationally Accredited courses for nurses and other healthcare professionals

Education and training drives improvement

Do you feel the pressures of National Targets, Accreditation or Aged Care Standards, Processes, Staff morale, or Client Satisfaction? TRANSFORM by engaging with every level of the organisation through our carefully designed training courses, learning and implementation of Lean Improvement.

Designed through industry consultation, our accredited courses offer staff across various departments of healthcare the opportunity to make positive changes for the benefit of not only themselves, but their clients, residents and their families.

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What We Offer

Nationally Accredited Education

Hands-On Workplace Education
We can provide options, mentoring and programs that will enable you to reach your goal, in both the clinical and supportive roles.

Specialty Programs

Customised Short Courses
Nursing Academy offers specialised clinical skills educational programs. These programs offer more than just increased skills competency.

Consulting & Projects

Examine Problems Implement Solutions
We provide a range of project and consulting services from strategic and service planning to supporting organisations.

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